Best Hand Blender For Pureeing Baby Food

Best Hand Blender For Pureeing Baby Food

Best Hand Blender For Pureeing Baby Food

BEST HAND BLENDER FOR PUREEING BABY FOOD Pediatrics suggests a baby should be breastfed exclusively for 6 months thereafter you can introduce other foods

When this period arrives not only do you need to know what foods your baby will be eating but also how to make that food.

This is the reason it is essential to know the best hand blender for pureeing baby food. There are different types of hand blenders out there,

But the one suitable for your baby should be carefully picked. Below are some of the best hand blender for pureeing baby food.

1) PowerLead Powerful 600W 4 in 1 immersion blender 

This is a powerful immersion blender with 8 variable speed control and button including a stainless steel blade, egg whisk, shaft, and a 600ml beaker.

From the PowerLead brand, this hand blender can perform various functions like meat grinding, egg beating, making smoothies, soups milkshakes, chutney, juicing amongst others. 

The blade and body of the machine are made of high quality so as to last long and are durable, and the quality is safe for human health.

The parts are detachable, so one can just detach them from the motor and use a dishwasher to clean the parts.

� High power of 600W with low noise DC motor so as to ensure the blending task is done fast.
� With the turbo buttons, one can adjust the speed and power depending on the food type.

� Strong 4 blade mixing knife to maximize the grinding process.
� The steel is a double edge for easier use.
� Hook and anti-slip design for comfortability during usage.

� There is no auto-shutoff.
� You have to hold the button down.
� Short warranty period.

2) LINKChef Hand Blender 3 in 1

This is amongst the best hand blenders for pureeing baby food. Comes with ice crushing blade for a chopper stainless steel mixing stick, 800ml beaker with a cup for measurement,

hand blender, stainless steel egg whisk and 500ml food chopper with stainless steel blades. It can be used for both cold drinks and hot soups. 
Equipped with a powerful 800W motor for perfect blending.

With its 20 variable speed control dial, it can be used by chefs for multi-tasks like making pureed soups, sauces, smoothies, juices, marinades amongst others. The four blades are of robust titanium coating for faster blending.

� 3 years warranty.
� BPA- free attachments are dishwasher safe.
� Comes with a special ice-crushing blade.
� The grip is ergonomically designed and the handle is rubberized for a secure grip.
� the motor is powerful with low noise.
� Has 20 variable speed control.

� The blades are sharp should be handled with care
� Motor unit is water sensitive.

3) Kenwood HDP406 Hand Blender

Kenwood is amongst the best brands when it comes to home appliances. This hand blender is a powerful tool for your cooking needs, it has helped in making chopping, blending and mashing an effortless task.

With 800W power, it makes blending effective, which is also supported by the tri-blade system. 

Ribs and castellation are specially located to disrupt the flow of ingredients forcing the food into the blades to optimize the chopping and blending process and make it as efficient as possible.

There are performance improvements to offer high performance during its usage. This hand blender can be used to make soups, smoothies, cocktails, nutritional health drinks, dips, sauces, desserts, and puree. It can be used for large family servings. 

� This tri-blade contains 3 angled blade with six blending ribs for high performance.
� Has variable speed setting according to the food type.
� 800W power and high performance make it handle heavy loads like root vegetables and frozen fruits

� The sure-grip material won’t slip and provides help and extra gentle comfort for stubborn ingredients.
� soup XL attachment has an extra-large foot for blending soups directly in the pan.

� Expensive compared to another hand blender.
� The entire blender is quite heavy.
� No auto-shutoff. 

4) Bosch MSM2610BGB Hand Blender 

This is a lightweight fast operating hand blender with 600W motor with low noise. With a four-winged Quattro blade, it has a detachable blender foot. Ideally for blending, chopping and pureeing.

Has a detachable stainless steel blender foot with high quality. The stainless steel mixer foot does not discolor and is food safe, can even be used in preparing hoot soups. 

� Comes with an ergonomic handle for perfect grip.
� The mixing wand os designed non-splash operation.
� This dishwasher is friendly with rust-free stainless steel.
� Safety lockage due to the bayonet catch of the blending wand.
� The plastics are BPA free thus safe when in contact with your food.

� Only one number of speeds.
� No auto-shutoff
� Just restricted for blending, mixing and pureeing.

5) Proscenic Hand Immersion Blender 

This is amongst the best hand blenders for making baby food, the hand blenders attachment are BPA free and FDA approved. The blender mixer includes a whisk,

stainless steel blades, food chopper, and BPA free beaker. Its powerful motor of 800W provides high mixing performance. The blades are sharp and strong to cut onions, vegetables, and garlic. 

The shaft is long so that it can easily be immersed in deep bowls or pots for mixing soft foods, chopping, making baby food, smoothies, sauce or soup.

There are a measuring beaker and whisk attachment. The stick blender comes with a hole this the hand mixer can be hung on a wall.

The agronomic grip has been designed with a trigger operation where the speed can be adjusted by adjusting the force of the finger pressing the button. 

� Detachable shaft which helps in replacing other attachments.
� The detachable parts are dishwasher safe.
� The stainless steel blade is designed to minimize splashing of food.
� Smart speed control, meaning the speed is controlled by the power button.
� Can be used to mix hot liquids.

hand blender needs to rest for approximately 2 minutes after 1 minute of usage.
� This motor unit is water sensitive.
� Cannot handle heavy loads.

6) 4 in 1 Immersion Blender with 6 Speed Modes

This 4 in 1 immersion blender includes whisk attachments, titanium coating blade, BPA-free beaker, hand blender stick, and a food processor. Lightweight and durable, with a powerful 600W motor.

The copper motor lasts longer and can withstand continuous usage. The handle grip is comfy and non-slip with ergonomic design for the continuous blending process.

The stainless steel is BPA free, safe and easy to clean. It can be used for different functions like mixing, pureeing, emulsifying and stirring.

� One can adjust the power and speed using the turbo button.
� The detachable accessories are dishwasher friendly.
� The intimate design is anti-splash.
� Does not rust due to the stainless steel blade and exterior.
� Has a powerful low noise motor.
� 2 years warranty.

� The motor unit is water sensitive.
� No auto-shutoff.
� Sharp blades, must be handled with care.

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