Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies

Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies

Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies

Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies is extremely nutritious and tasty While traveling these green smoothies could be a good way to refresh your mind and body But you need to have the right travel blender for the purposes.

There are obviously a number of benefits and advantages when you choose the right travel blender. They are compact and convenient, and they come with a small footprint. Therefore, it is easy to store them.

They are easy to use and all you have to do is to put the ingredients in, blend with the lid on and enjoy the green smoothies while on the go. They are quite powerful in spite of being small in size.

It can blend a small amount of ingredients into luxurious smoothies. They are also capable of grinding, chopping and using it for puree. However, as a customer,

you have to do your research and choose the best travel blender for green smoothies. We are happy to share information about 5 travel blenders for the information of our readers and other stakeholders.

5 Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies Reviews

Sage BPB550BAL the Boss to Go Personal Blender – Brushed Metal

There is no doubt that Sage has a reasonably good experience and expertise in making some of the best travel blenders.

Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at this model # BPB550BAL.

It is quite good in quality and has some unique features that could set it apart from many such travel blenders in the market today.

Best Travel Blender For Green Smoothies

To begin with, it has the capacity of crushing the particles much finer. According to experts, it has around 42% more crushing power and therefore the particle is finer and smoother.

It compares very well with many other blenders in the market. It also has the famous Sage’s Kinetix blade and bowl system.

This helps in pulverizing even the toughest ingredients and converts them into ultra-fine particles The café tumblers come with a smooth edge.

It does not have an odd and uncomfortable thread or clips. This makes it suitable for the right drinking experience.

Hence, when you are in the job of 5 best travel blender for green smoothies reviews,

 You certainly must keep this in mind. The Tritan Tumblers are also BPA free apart from being dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant.

It is made from all plastic, including the blades and there are not stainless steel components.


  • It is suitable for a whole range of food products.
  • looks good and has good ergonomics surrounding it.
  • It is built to offer value for money.


  • It could be slightly on the more expensive side.

Nutri Ninja Blender BL450

Ninja has quite a bit of experience in making some of the best portable travel blenders. This model #BL450 is packed with many exciting and interesting features.

It comes with the unique pro-extractor blades. These are capable of breaking down even the toughest of vegetables, fruits and even in a few seconds. It has two cups of 650 ml and 500 ml.

These are single-serve cups. The motor is powerful with a strength of 900 watts. the capacity of blending at a speed of 21,000 RPM.

It can be used for different types of foods including healthy smoothies. It is also suitable for chopping through root vegetables and could be used for making a hot and tasty soup on a cold day.

The blades have been designed for offering the consistency and it will be ready in a few seconds. Hence, when it comes to pasting whole fruits, seeds, vegetables, root vegetables, and other such items, it is quite obvious that Ninja BL450 is something that offers value for money.


  • It is simple to use and user-friendly.
  • quite quick in blending, whipping and other activities.
  • It offers delicious smoothies and other drinks.
  • It retains nutrition efficiently.
  • convenient to carry around.


  • In spite of regular washing, the container emits a bad smell for some users.
  • Customer services could have been better.

Smoothie Blenders, Decen Personal Blender Smoothie Maker with 2*600 ml BPA-Free Travel Sport Bottles & 4 Stainless Steel Blades, Mini Blender

If you are looking for one of the best blenders for green smoothies at an affordable price, then you must try and understand more about Decen Blenders.

It is equipped with a 300W motor and can generate an RPM 20000. It also has 4-leaf sharp stainless blades (titanium-plated). It is one of the few personal blenders that can make smoothies and shakes in bunches of tens.

It comes 600 ml sports bottle & spill-proof lid. The bottles are BPA free. It is suitable for work, gym, home or even for school.

It has a unique one-touch operation. It also comes with a 100% guarantee. It is broken up into a 30-day no questions asked warranty and also another 2-year warranty for materials and workmanship.


  • It has a unique anti-skid base.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The interlock safety system is also another feature.


  • A few machines stopped working completely after a month.
  • The after-sales services have much to be desired.

Ninja Nutri 1000W Personal Blender [BL580UKV] with FreshVac Technology, Black

If you are keen on buying one of the best personal blenders as far as nutrition-retention is concerned, you have reasons to buy this model No. BL580UKV. It comes with advanced FreshVac Technology.

It is black in color and has many interesting features and functions. It helps in drawing oxygen out and also helps to lock vitamins because of the vacuum pump.

The drinks that you enjoy will look fresh and visibly brighter. You can get quick and easy results because of Auto-IQ programs.

The blender comes with 2×700 ml Ninja Cups, spout lids, vacuum pump, and Pro Extractor Blades. To sum up, it could be categorized as one of the best travel blenders for green smoothies in the market.


  • The vacuum blending is one of the biggest takeaways as far as this product is concerned.
  • Smooth blending is a promise each time the machine runs.
  • The 1000 watt power is enough to blend even the toughest ingredients including seeds, nuts, and ice.


Kenwood SB055 Smoothie 2GO – Silver

This is the last of the personal blenders that are a part of the 5 best travel blender for green smoothies reviews that have been taken up. It is a powerful 300-watt personal blender.

It has quite a few unique things and has one of the best designs. It is compact. Its also comes with 2 x 0.5-liter travel goblets. This is suitable for kids because it also is spill-proof.

It also has a unique 2 speeds plus pulse. It is lightweight and has a weight of around 1.75 kg. This makes it easy to transport. It comes with a product dimension of 15.2x16x313 cm.


  • It is suitable for daily and regular use.
  • It is free from polycarbonate and this makes it eco-friendly.
  • Its also is easy to clean.


  • Transport damages have been reported which requires changing of the blender.


We are sure that the above article will be able to give the readers the right kind of information and guidance when it comes to buying a suitable personal blender.

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