Ninja Blender Types

Ninja Blender Types

Ninja Blender Types

If you want to drink smoothies after your workout session then you must have a good blender in your home Ninja Blender Types You can find a wide variety of blenders in the market

But Ninja Blender Types are considered the best of all.

The main reasons behind the increasing popularity of Ninja blender types are their affordable prices and good quality. One more reason to opt for Ninja is a wide range of their models. 

5 best Ninja Blender types reviews are briefly provided hereunder to help choose the most suitable one for your kitchen.

1) Ninja Duo 2-in-1 Blender with Auto iQ and Integrated Nutri Ninja

This Nutri Ninja blender has a 2-in-1 jug for blending personal smoothies as it can make a smoothie for single-serve which you can share with others or drink yourself on the go.

It can help you in preparing your food as per your choice with the pre-set blending programs of its Auto-iQ.

It can be used for blending a wide range of food items like vegetables, fruits, seeds, ice and nuts to make dips, desserts, soups, sauces, frozen drinks, and smoothies.


In this Ninja blender precision, power and technologies are cleverly blended to provide you two appliances in one device. It includes a powerful nutrition extractor along with a high capacity performance jug.

You can see the performance of this powerful 1500 watt blender by selecting a program from its multiple programs and set its speed due to the total crushing technology used in it.

Its blades are precisely engineered to provide you the best results while creating cocktails, frozen drinks, desserts, dips, soups, or sauces. You can make enough stuff for your family and friends in its 2.1 L jug.


  • Powerful 1500 watt blenderProgrammable settings
  • Spacious jug
  • Precisely engineered blades


  • Quality of plastic used is poor
  • Not easy to clean

2) Ninja BL682UK2 1500W Food Processor with Nutri Auto-iQ

This food processor from Ninja is a 3-in-1 device as along with food processor it also includes Nutri Ninja and a jug blender.

Each of its attachments can give the best results by using its pre-set Auto-iQ programs. Its package includes a 2.1 L jug, 2 Nutri Ninja cups with travel lids and a food processing bowl.

The blades of this 1500 watt device are specially designed to perform well while making sauces, smoothies, doughs, dips, full meals, and desserts provided in its recipe guide.


This food processor from Ninja includes 3 appliances in one device including an integrated personal Nutri Ninja blender along with a high-performance blender and a precision food processor.

It is also provided with a recipe guide to inspire you to make tasty meals quickly and easily.

The all-in-one system of this food processor includes eight different setting and speeds that can be used with one touch to save your efforts and time like 5 programs of Auto-iQ.

It can do all of your works just by press one button like changing pulsing and blending patterns suitable for your food whether you are creating a snack or a drink. It allows you to control it precisely and easily.


  • 3-in-1 device
  • 8 settings and speeds
  • Preset Auto-iQ programs
  • Easy to control
  • Inspirational recipe guide


  • Poor quality of a plastic structure
  • Very noisy

3) Nutri Ninja Blender BL450

This Nutri Ninja blender includes professional-grade extractor blades to break down whole food items including vegetable fruits and even ice quickly.

It has two jugs of 500ml and 650 ml capacity with 2 sip-n-seal lids to drink or eat meals on the go. It has a powerful motor of 900 watts.


The powerful motor wit 21,000 RPM of this Ninja blender can blends food items at a high speed.

Its pro extractor blades are designed to blend hardest and chunkiest pieces of food whether they are raw fruits for making smoothies or root vegetables for chopping to make soups.

Its blades can also crush ice, vegetables, seeds, and whole fruits within a few seconds at required consistency.

Its measured cups and their sip-n-seal lids allow you to create refreshing smoothies and healthy food for the day and take them with you to and enjoy them wherever you want.


  • Powerful 900-watt motor
  • 2 measured jugs of 500ml and 650ml capacity
  • 2 sip-n-seal lids
  • Specially designed pro extractor blades


  • Smells terribly even after washing frequently
  • Very loud

4) NINJA BL480UK Nutri 1000W Blender with Auto-iQ

This smoothie maker and personal blender from Ninja has pre-set Auto-iQ blending programs to blend various types of foods perfectly like vegetables, fruits, seed, ice, and nuts, etc.

It includes a Nutri Ninja cup with travel lid to allow you to blend delicious drinks in it and take it with you to enjoy it later on. It blends food items smoothly with the help of its 1000 watt motor.


You can make smooth, tasty and cool smoothies and drinks containing all the vitamins and nutrients of the vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts used in it within a few seconds by using this Ninja blender.

Its Auto-iQ programs start working just by pressing a button to make your drinks as per your choice.

It is powerful 1000 watt motor and particularly designed pro extractor blades use Ninja’s exclusive technology to blend things in different patterns including pulsing and blending.


  • Specially designed pro extractor blades
  • Pre-set Auto-iQ programs
  • Personal blender cup with go lid


  • The smoky smell after using six months
  • A bit noisy

5) Ninja BL450UKCR Nutri Personal Blender 900W

It blends cool and smooth drinks within seconds with the help if it’s pro extractor blades by using vegetable, fruits, seeds, ice and nuts of your choice.

You can directly blend the things in its cup with travel lid to take the delicious drink with you to drink it whenever you want.

It provides results consistent with its 900-watt motor. Its parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


This personal blender form Nutri Ninja can blend your favorite vegetables and fruits to make delicious drinks in seconds without wasting their nutrients and vitamins.

This blender works efficiently every type of food including nuts, ice, whole fruits, seeds, and vegetables with the help of its specially designed pro extractor blades and 900-watt motor.


  • 900-watt powerful motor
  • Pre-set Auto-iQ programs
  • Ninja cup with travel lid


  • Started smelling terribly after a few washes
  • Becomes difficult to push down bottles after using a few months

Thus, Ninja Blender Types reviews provided in this write-up can help you in buying the best Ninja blender for your home.

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