Vitamix 750 vs a3500

Vitamix 750 vs a3500

Vitamix 750 vs a3500

Today I give you the best Vitamix 750 vs a3500 Review We all know that blenders are very practical and useful equipment in the kitchen

They make milkshakes smoothies soups gravies, and soups, etc Most of the blenders available in the market do basic blending jobs

However, Vitamix blenders don’t come under this category. Vitamix is undoubtedly one of the most popular and market leaders at this time.

When it comes to the quality and the performance of the blenders, the products from the Vitamix will never disappoint you. If you talk to any Vitamix owner

then you will notice that they boast about how effective, powerful, and versatile Vitamix blender is. The Vitamix blenders can not only blend drinks ad smoothies

But also make juice of vegetables and fruits. You can make hot soups without any stove and also grate cheese without any difficulty.

Are Vitamix blenders are expensive machines?

However, Vitamix blenders are expensive machines. Therefore, if you want to invest your hard-earned money on these blenders,

then you should choose the right blender that can fulfill your needs. There are many Vitamix models and designs with different additional features available in the market,

So, how do you select the perfect blender for you? don’t worry we will try to help you in this Vitamix 750 vs a3500 Reviews.

If you are confused, which Vitamix blender will be the best for you then take a look at our in-depth comparison and review of the two most popular and effective Vitamix blenders: Vitamix 750 vs a3500.

Let’s get started the Vitamix 750 vs a3500 Reviews:

Vitamix 750

Vietnam 750 is one of the top models in the Nextgen series of Vitamix range. For the last 5 years, these models have been increasingly popular and became the bestselling Vitamix blender,

Beating its forerunner the C-series. It is the upgraded version of the popular Vitamix 7500 with unique extra features that makes it a bestselling blender by Vitamix.

It comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor and a high-end airflow design that allow it to work smoothly without making loud noises.

It also includes a built-in fan for cooling which allows you to run bender for a longer time without any tension of overheating. Also, the tamper tool is easier to use with this model.

Another thing you would notice in this blender is that it has a wider and shorter container low profile design, which was not available in its forerunner model. This makes it very easy to fit in the cabinet of the kitchen.

Unique features and specs:

• It comes with a 2.2 HP motor.

• My future generation  motor housing is 40% less noisy.

• Total capacity is 64 oz and It comes with a tamper and pulse string.

• Available in copper, black and stainless-steel color.

• It comes with a 5 to 7-year limited warranty.

Dimensions: 17.5 in x 7.7 in x 9.4 in


• No assembly is needed for blades.

• It is very easy to set the blending container on base.

• It has user-friendly controls and comes with a self-cleaning preset.

• This blender comes with a handle that makes it easy to grip.

• It works smoothly without any loud noise.

• This blender does not get stains from sauces.

• This blender is amazing for coffee grinding.

• It makes milkshakes with excellent consistency.

• It comes with a very clear user manual.


• It is more costly than other blenders available in the market at this range.

• You can’t remove blades for cleaning.

• On the container, available measurement marks are very hard to read

Vitamix a3500

Although, Vitamix a3500 is not the bestselling. However, it is one of the most popular Vitamix blenders.

The overall appearance and looks of this blender are very standard looking (it is not very stylish or unique). 

It has a stainless-steel finish that gives it a cute and elegant appearance. This comes with a tamper and recipe book like any other Vitamix blender.

It comes with a 120V 3 plug (U.S standard). It is very easy to clean and works extremely well. It has powerful 1500-watt motors that deliver 2.2 horsepower. It has a 2-quart capacity and a touch screen. 

It comes with a 10-year limited warranty which is quite impressive. This product is available in metal graphite color.

It offers 5 different settings that provide you with better control. Overall, this product delivers great performance and offers some high-end features which are quite impressive.

Unique features and specs:

• It has a 2-quart capacity.

• This model is available in metal graphite color.

• Control Type is the touch screen.

• It is a programmable blender.

• Model type- digital.

• Included Appliance Accessories: recipe book, tamper

• It comes with an unmatched 10-year limited warranty.

• Power frequency 50-60Hz

• Cord length is 4 feet.

• Self-cleaning features.

• Self-detect containers

• Touch screen interface.

• Compatible with Vitamix app

• Dishwasher safe containers.

• 5 different presets.

• It has a 1500watt motor that delivers 2.2 horsepower.


Width x Depth x Height: 11 in x 8 in x 17 in


• It is not very bulky and therefore you can carry it easily.

• It can be used for a different function in comparison to its competitors.

• It can also be used as a commercial bender.

•It works very smoothly and serves its purpose.


• More expensive to buy and afford.

• A little bit complicated to learn how to operate its all features.

• It requires some technical skills and expertise to be master.


In the brief, Vitamix blender is undoubtedly the most popular and best-selling product available in the market. These products are known for their perfect and excellent performance

If you are looking for a Vitamix blender and can spend money on these amazing machines, then you can choose the perfect Vitamix blender from our Vitamix 750 vs a3500 Reviews. 

However, both machines are equally powerful and versatile. But in my opinion, Vitamix a3500 is a more advanced product with better features such as Self-cleaning features, Self-detect containers, Touch screen interface, Compatible with Vitamix app.

If you are ready to spend a few hundred dollars on these machines, then you should prefer Vitamix a3500 over Vitamix 750. So, what do you think about it? Is this Vitamix 750 vs a3500 Reviews useful for you?

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